Vienna Ice Coffee

Απρ 28, 2022

Where everything started

By now, we all know that when we say European coffee, we instantly think of Italy and it’s notorious espresso. But what if I told you there is another place where coffee and culture met and really hit it off, in 1683?

Even if Vienna was not the European pioneer when it comes to developing a love for coffee, the way in which the coffee culture has exploded here was truly unequivocal.

Vienna is where a new, soon to be international movement, was born: the Coffee House Culture. A culture in which coffee is drank with time and contentment.

The Viennese Coffee House Culture

The newspaper, the marble tabletops, the glass of water and the no-rush atmosphere. This is what makes a true Viennese Coffee House.

A place where time and space are also consumed, but in the end only the coffee is billed. A place where coffee drinking is an art form and not a necessity. A place where piano music caresses your ears as your taste buds delight themselves on Austrian coffee beverages.

And where art happens, artists always come through. This is why coffee houses have become a staple of the Viennese cultural scene, in 2011 also becoming part of UNESCO as “Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

A milk that keeps up with the coffee

What goes better with coffee, if not milk? The power couple of social interaction.

And with a heritage like this, the Viennese coffee needed an equally superior and authentic milk to go with.

This is why in 1955, Maresi Milk, the famous glass bottle filled with the all-natural Alpine milk from the Ennstals, Austria, takes its first steps into the world. And, in return, the world shows its love for it by making it one of the most famous brands of condensed milk amongst coffee connoisseurs.

Vienna Ice Coffee

A traditional coffee for a modern world

Even though the world is always changing and our new lifestyle is more dynamic than ever, people still appreciate tradition. This is why we chose to bring the original Viennese culture back to the modern days, and into the customer’s pocket.

Vienna Ice Coffee is where traditional coffee and authentic alpine milk meet and get along. And oh, how they get along!

We created a traditional coffee, tailored for the modern world in delicious varieties for every taste. A coffee that is ready to come with you wherever you go, but also takes you back to the origins with every sip.

The fresh new look for the Viennese coffee

Because we want our products to speak for themselves, and express our traditional values, but also modern spirit, this year we updated our to-go cups.

The new packaging is especially designed for a dynamic and creative world. A world in which every moment counts and time is ephemeral. A world where the concept of social interaction has changed its meaning and where, instead of a coffee date, you might just prefer a video call and a coffee to-go.

This is a coffee especially designed for you to just grab it, sip it and share it. A coffee especially created so you can just seize the moment and enjoy life at fullest.


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