Απρ 28, 2022

About Us

Honey is a natural healthy food with great nutritional value and the major sweetener component of the Mediterranean diet. The Greek and especially Cretan honey are unique. The individuality of the Greek terrain, the rare variation of herbs, trees, and shrubs (more than 2000 varieties), as well as the long summer, shaped an ideal environment to produce high-quality honey.

Honey cultivation and production are closely related to the 4.000+ years of Cretan history. The famous Gold Bee pendant – a masterpiece of Minoan art – representing two bees storing away honey in a honeycomb, is dated back to 1800-1700 BC.

Honey is the central ingredient for all cretamel products. Cretan honey (“meli” in Greek).

Our honey is selected exclusively from experienced beekeepers and the varieties offered by the Greek terrain: flowers, thyme, pine, orange tree flowers and wild herbs.


1996 – Cretamel was founded by Rassoulis Bros on the island of Crete in Greece, utilizing the family’s tradition and know-how in honey production and processing.

2000 – We created a new series of traditional Greek products, including nougat, honey & sesame bars (pasteli), honey & nut bars, halva and other delights, all related to our precious Cretan honey.

2017 – Relocation in our new, fresh and modern manufacturing facilities in Heraklion, Crete. With a total surface of almost 9,000 m2 on three floors, our state-of-the-art building designed to operate under strict European regulations, ensuring high-quality products.

2018-2020 – Expansion into 5/6 continents Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia, Africa (we missed Antarctica), with cretamel products and custom-made PL innovative packaging.

Tomorrow – Continue the expansion and establish cretamel as an international top-notch (traditional) confectionery company, acting as a taste ambassador for Greece’s unique flavours.

Our mission is to exceed consumer desires and expectations through premium quality products, always trying to innovate while maintaining the traditional tastes and authentic flavours.


To establish cretamel as a leading international confectionery company, providing all our customers worldwide with moments of unique top-quality delights.



Customer Centricity
We want to exceed our customers’ expectations all over the world. We use the feedback to provide them with products to satisfy their unique tastes. We offer a wide selection of products and flavours to please any demanding appetite.

Top Quality
Quality is not just attractive wording. Cretamel operates under strict European regulations and holds the most important certifications in the food industry (link to accreditation).

Innovation & Technology
We maintain the tradition but invest in innovation and technology. Our R&D department constantly researches new tastes, products and packaging, supported by our investment in modern technology.

The roots of cretamel philosophy are our unique values.

Natural products
What is more natural and healthier than honey? Our premium quality honey and all other raw ingredients we use are carefully and responsibly collected and stored to maintain their unique nutrition.

Passion for Fine Food
We love what we do. We love our products and want to pass on this feeling to our clients as well.

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